Only Available in UK and USA

The Sample Pack is a pre-packaged selection of Cubbies from the Harlequin, Signature, Classic, Dumble and Blankie collections. If you want to try Cubbies before opening an account, this is the perfect package.

Take advantage of this exclusive offer now and receive free delivery!

The products presented are for illustrative purposes only. A detailed invoice will be provided. Additional shipping charges may apply if you purchase outside the UK, EU, US or Australia. This product is not available in Canada. For embroidery purposes only, not for printing / vinyl. Purchasing this pack will not give you a Cubbies account or give you authorized retailer status.

Retailer Sample Pack

A great way to taste our ranges before placing an order. By purchasing the Retailer’s Sample Pack, you will receive a selection of top selling Cubbies products from various collections and free shipping.

The products presented are for illustrative purposes only. Subject to change.